Faire and Shopify Merge - The Wholesale Game Changer for Makers

Okay, folks, let's talk about wholesale – the grand old world of bulk orders and global expansion. I joined Faire about a week ago, got my first international order,  so I'm pretty much an expert now.  Faire is the second wholesale platform I've done onboarding with and the other platform that will remain unnamed made the process a nightmare.   After I got set up they decided to quit the virtual wholesale game.  So you could understand why I was a bit of a skeptic of wholesale sites. They felt like  tackling a mountain with a teaspoon. But then, I stumbled upon Faire, and it has completely changed my mindset!  I hopped on the Faire train about a week ago, and guess what? I've  got my first order from down under – Australia!  You can watch that video here. 

Smooth Sailing Through Onboarding

Looks Matter: First things first, Faire's platform is a visual delight. Onboarding was not just a breeze; it was downright enjoyable. The aesthetics are on point, and navigating through their platform was like a walk in the park. In less than half an hour, I was good to go.  Faire doesn't just nail functionality; they've got aesthetics down to an art. Their site marketing tools make my little shop on their platform look fabulous. Faire makes business look good, quite literally!

Shopify and Faire - A Match Made in Heaven: What really turbocharged my onboarding experience was the nifty integration with Shopify.  As a Shopify enthusiast, I've always appreciated their knack for simplifying business through apps and channels (a post for another time). Now, with Faire in the mix, expanding into wholesale feels like a walk in the park.  You can read more about the merge here.

Breaking Down Borders, One Order at a Time

From US-Only to Global Novice: Confession time: I used to ship products exclusively within the US, thinking international shipping was a messy and confusing. But, with Faire, I thought, "Why not give it a shot?" There is a setting to turnoff buyers purchasing outside of the US.  I initially turned it off, but then switched it back on thinking no one is gonna order from me outside of the US.  Lo and behold, I received my very first order from Australia! Faire made global expansion feel attainable and

The Art of Effortless International Shipping: Faire has the whole international shipping thing sorted. Their support and resources make it really easy. I had to update Tariff Codes to my products for customs and ship through UPS, which was also knew to me.  I printed the shipping label, took it to the UPS store, scanned it and dropped into their Scan and Drop Box.  Now, I'm all in for expanding my reach and shipping globally.  At this point in time the shipping part of the process through Faire is amazing.  We will have to check back later for the delivery update.  

Sprucing Up the Product Line:

Conclusion: In a blink of an eye, Faire has turned me from a wholesale skeptic into a wholesale enthusiast. The easy-breezy onboarding, Shopify integration, and global order support make Faire an absolute game-changer. I'm geared up for the ride ahead, ready to expand my product range, and explore the world of possibilities Faire has to offer.

If you're thinking about diving into wholesale but have been holding back, like I did, Faire's the ticket you've been waiting for. Trust me, you'll be wondering why you didn't jump on this wagon sooner!

So, are you ready to take the plunge into wholesale wonderland with Faire

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